Other Low Tech Methods

There are sex-selection kits sold over the internet that are based on the Shettles Method of gender selection. These kits attempt to alter the conditions around the egg or sperm in order to make the vaginal tract more receptive to either X-bearing or Y-bearing sperm.

With these kits, you track your menstrual cycle using a thermometer and ovulation predictor test sticks. Once you know your ovulation date, you follow the Shettles Method, which is sex as close to the day of ovulation as possible to conceive a boy and sex two to three days before ovulation to conceive a girl.

Sex-selection kits generally  include a thermometer, ovulation predictor test sticks, vitamins, herbal extracts and douches that are supposedly gender specific.

There is no scientific basis for many of the claims of success that  home-use sex selection kits make, and fertility experts say these kits do not work. These kits can cost as much as $200, but some of them do offer a money-back guarantee.